The Triangle Sessions
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Transformation Made Convenient



-Mindful nutrition

A Three-Pillar Fitness Method


The Program

The Triangle Sessions is a three-pillar fitness method that helps people achieve their health and fitness goals through a holistic blend of toning, yoga, and mindful nutrition. Led by the expertise of a professional dancer, The Triangle Sessions inspires people to find their healthiest, most vibrant selves while delivering transformative results.



Private Training

Do you struggle to find the time to reach your personal fitness goals? Are you committed to experiencing results? Our 30-minute online sessions are the perfect solution. We offer a unique blend of nutritional counseling and power conditioning for you to reach optimal results in a time efficient manner. Jump online and connect any time that suits your schedule:

  • Available before work

  • Lunch breaks

  • End of day at home

Private training benefits include (but are not limited to):

  • Developing a strong, defined physique

  • Weight management

  • Improved posture and alignment

  • Increased range of motion

*Home sessions available for an additional rate.

For inquiries, please email


Wellness In The Workplace

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Wellness + Team-Building

Looking to bring a wellness in to your workplace? The Triangle Sessions is proud to partner with 3 Cheers Team Events, a boutique team-building events company specializing in culinary and wellness experiences. Your team will love our specially paired events like “Vinyasa + Vino” and “Meditation + Mixology.” These unique on-site office experiences will help improve morale while enhancing collaboration and company culture!


Corporate Retreats

Did you know that we also curate destination retreats for you and your company? We helped produced a 75-person retreat for the national law firm Lowenstein Sandler in Nashville, TN. The fun, memorable weekend focused on work-life integration while enjoying the thrill of exploring a new city. The firm loved it! See our specially designed itinerary HERE.

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Danielle A. Schulz 

Danielle A. Schulz has been a contemporary ballet dancer at the Metropolitan Opera since 2014. She has been featured in Harper's Bazaar, SELF Magazine, and the Huffington Post. After spending summers at School of American Ballet and the Juilliard school, she went on to earn a B.F.A. in Dance and a minor in Art History from NYU - Tisch. 

In addition to her professional dance career, Danielle is a certified yoga teacher (RYT 200), certified nutrition counselor (AFPA), and a former Ballet Beautiful trainer for celebrity clients. She has hosted wellness events at The Mercedes Club, Project By Equinox, The Ballet Spot, and Athleta. Danielle is part of the corporate wellness group WELNYS and provides seminars and classes to companies in NYC.



Auden Thornton

Actor, "Beauty Mark" - Winner of LA Film Festival's Breakout Star

The Triangle Sessions with Danielle is the most FUN and effective way to get on track and stay on track with a more balanced, energized, and holistic lifestyle. In just a week of working with her, I began to feel shifts, and within a few weeks, I began to feel like a whole new person - vital energy, strong body - and miraculously this all came with just small, manageable shifts to my daily routine.  With a lifetime of expertise on the body and its needs, Danielle listens and hones in on the most practical, do-able tweaks that will be right for you, and builds from there. Best of all, she’s positive, down-to-earth, motivating, and FUN. I recommend the Triangle sessions for anyone who wants a smart, convenient, effective, and personalized way to make the shifts in your life that will actually work. I’m so grateful! Thank you, Danielle!


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Stephanie Lo

Featured Dancer, current member of "The King and I" National Tour

I feel revitalized, challenged, and ready to take on my day after each session with Danielle. We chatted about my present outlook, discussed particular challenges, and devised a short conditioning series that could be applied to my pre-show warm-up. Even with limited space, I was breathing hard with simple body weight exercises, followed by a brief, relaxing stretch. I especially appreciated how she listened to my concerns and addressed them with straightforward suggestions from a fresh perspective. She also gave me some creative tips to curb my late-night sweet tooth. Our time together helps me organize my thoughts, reflect on my goals, and jumpstart my body to greet the morning.


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Camille Workman 

Broadway Dancer, former member of "The Lion King"

The goal was to live life a little happier and a little healthier. Even after the first session, I came away with the insight that our bodies need constant attention. It's worthwhile to be aware of things like daily stress on the joints, how much we sleep, and the food we consume. Looking after my body using the advice and guidance from our sessions makes me feel like a happier, healthier me. Thank you!