4 Steps to Make a Positive Shift

A snowstorm hit my small apartment in Brooklyn 18 months ago and all my work was canceled for the day. I was out hundreds of dollars. I was dependent on that money. After a lot of profanity, I knew I needed a shift. I’ve experienced this palpable, potentially life-altering moment several times in the past. Whether it’s a relationship, health habits, or a career path, these 4-steps have helped me navigate that much needed shift:

  1. LOOK BACK - what makes you genuinely fulfilled? What makes you miserable? What are your strengths? What skills have you honed over the years and how can you capitalize on them? Taking the time to reflect on yourself and your situation is the first step in analyzing what needs to change.

  2. EXAMINE YOUR PRIORITIES - what are the most important elements of your life? Is it family? Financial security? Artistic fulfillment? Wellness? It can be a combination of things, but this honest examination can help you organize your life and dismiss options that take away from those priorities.

  3. GET UNCOMFORTABLE - perhaps you need to dump the “comfort” food in the house, or push yourself to try new workouts, or simply (but not always easily) get out of a crappy relationship. Taking the risk to get out of your comfort zone is a sure way to ensure growth and gain traction toward achieving your shift.

  4. BE INTROSPECTIVE + TAKE ACTION - taking an honest look at what’s holding you back can be really difficult, but it’s super informative. Where can you grow? What can make you an even better human being? Is illogical fear getting in the way of moving forward? Educate yourself, fill in the gaps, and use your new knowledge to take action.

Feeling stuck in the health and wellness department? For help navigating a positive shift in fitness and nutrition, contact danielle@thetrianglesessions.com