A Ballerina's Take on Self-Care - ft. Eliza S. Tollett

Health Tips from the Pros:
A series featuring fellow dancers, artists, and wellness professional as they share their personal tips on how to live healthier, happier lives. 

For this segment, we're highlighting Eliza S. Tollett - professional ballet dancer and founder of THE BALLET SPOT.

Get Inspiration from the ‘3-Question Interview’ 

1. Eliza, what are three foods you CANNOT live without? 

  • Oatmeal w/ Chia Seeds, Maple Syrup, Salt, Banana, and Coconut Milk

  • Salmon prepared all ways

  • Popcorn – especially kettle corn

2. What three wellness tips do you swear by?

  • My secret for clear, healthy skin, is sweating everyday, drinking LOTS of water, and avoiding makeup whenever possible. Speaking of water, I start every morning with a big glass of at least 12oz of cold water before having anything else. This is a great natural energy booster.

  • Stretching before bed – I spend 15-20 minutes stretching and rolling out my injury-prone areas (calves and thighs) every night. The best time to stretch is at night because it promotes the muscle recovery during sleep.

  • When I have a night off from teaching/dancing, I treat myself with an Epsom salt bath, a glass of wine, and youtube ☺. You’ve got to know how to treat yourself!

3. Lastly, what are three fun facts you can share with us?

  • My weaknesses are dogs (especially Shiba Inu puppies) and NBC’s “The Voice”

  • The farthest I’ve been from home is Bora Bora

  • On the weekends, my favorite past-time is game night and cards with my husband, my friends, or my family

For more information on Eliza S. Tollett’s fitness program, visit The Ballet Spot. This signature cardio ballet class is fun, inclusive, and provides real insight on how professional dancers train.