How A Yogi + Dancer Lives Her Best Life - ft. Liz Beres

Health Tips from the Pros:
Get inspiration from dancers, athletes, and wellness professional as they share their personal tips on how to live healthier, happier lives. 

For this segment, we're featuring dancer, yogi, and creative Liz Beres:

1. What three wellness tips do you swear by?

  • Move that body! While my methods of movement vary - yoga, dance, martial arts, weight lifting, biking, hiking - I recognize how drastically it supports my physical, mental, and emotional health. I especially love starting my day with movement, as it boosts my endorphins and my brain power!

  • It's all about moderation. I used to swing from one extreme to the next, when it came to food and exercise particularly. Since those years, I've learned to decipher internal cues more effectively, which has led to more nutritious, healthy choices yet hasn't kept me from treating myself on the regular!

  • Do what you love (and surround yourself with those you love). This is where the potential for true radiance lies.

2. What are three foods you CANNOT live without?

  • Apples! 

  • Kale, sauteed with olive oil, salt, and pepper - so simple yet so satisfying.

  • Chocolate (I've got to be honest!)

3. What three fun facts can you share with us that we wouldn’t expect? 

  • I don't own a TV - and I don't miss it a bit!

  • I'm a backpack devotee! I take mine out for a spin nearly every day of the year. My favorite brand lately is STATE because their bags are cool yet durable, plus they deliver a backpack full of necessary materials to a child in need for every STATE bag purchased.

  • My fiance and I are dreaming of traveling to Nepal and Bhutan.

About Liz Beres:

As a dreamer, a student, a collaborator, a teacher, and a creative, Liz endeavors to forever nurture her curiosity, vitalize her intuition, and follow the longings of her heart. More than ever, she seeks to share what she has learned, and continues to learn, in an effort to support others as they build deeper connections to themselves and those around them.

Note from Danielle A. Schulz: Liz is an exceptional yoga teacher. Go to her class!!! To experience her magic, find out more HERE.