Singer/Songwriter LAE Shares Her Wellness Tips

Health Tips from the Pros:

Get inspiration from dancers, athletes, and wellness professional as they share their personal tips on how to live healthier, happier lives.

For this segment, we’re featuring singer/songerwriting + yoga teacher extraordinaire Allie Schulz (aka LAE):

1. What wellness tip do you swear by?

  •  WALKING! When I'm staying in a city where I drive myself around to jobs ad meeting, social activities, or whatever else, I have to create time for going on simple walks. It's good for my mind, it gives me sense of fluidity in my body, and an all-around boost in energy. In Los Angeles, I don't have to walk to the subway, or get myself from place to place on foot, so unless I carve out an hour to see nature and move my legs, I get super depleted energetically both in my mind, body, and even in my emotions. 

2. What are three foods you CANNOT live without?

  • Kale. I truly love kale. It's such a Cali thing to declare, "I can't live without Kale!" haha, but it's true. Its fiber and chewiness are super satisfying, and it holds whatever dressing you use very well. 

  • Coffee. This isn't a food, but it's definitely something I love having to start my day. You'd better wait to engage me in complex conversations until I've had my coffee. 

  • Cereal with frozen berries. This sort of breakfast reminds me of being a kid. I've always loved the chill of frozen berries and the crunch of a good bowl of Grapenuts or Granola. 

3. What three fun facts can you share with us that we wouldn’t expect? 

  • I speak Italian and Spanish.

  • I am in India right now singing Mantras to 2000 people who came for a meditation festival.

  • My great grandfather was a piano producer in Chicago who made player pianos (those which play themselves with a scroll of music) and my father has collected 3 of them. 


Allie Schulz is a singer, songwriter, dancer, and yoga teacher. She grew up in Nashville, TN and moved to NYC to pursue a dream of being on Broadway. Allie spent about 10 years in NYC working as a singer/dancer/actor and decided to move to the West Coast to focus her energy on making music. In recent years, she’s been spending her time working on my project, LAE., and playing shows around Los Angeles and NYC.

Note from Allie: 'life is constantly surprising me with new interests and deeper understandings of that which I already know I love. New love= surfing. Deepening love= making music.’