3 Tips for Staying Fit During the Holidays

The holidays can be a source of great joy, but they can induce a lot of stress on the body and psyche - from disrupting one’s usual exercise routine to late-night, boozy events. Here are some tips to prevent upheaval and stay focused during the holiday season:

  1. Plan - Take 15 minutes on the Sunday before each week to make your fitness plan - book your classes, schedule gym sessions, take a weekend yoga class, etc. If there’s ever a time to be super disciplined, it’s THIS month. Find a friend, create a buddy system - do whatever it takes. For especially busy weeks, squeeze in 15min home workouts before or after work (or BOTH!!!). Check out our ‘Yoga and Toning Fitness Series’ for effective, time-efficient workouts from home or while you travel. Follow the suggested sequence - 20min a day, 4x a week - for a more toned, limber, mindful body, or create your own formula! Use promo code HOLIDAY2018 for one month free. Cancel Anytime. Check it out HERE.

  2. Eat wisely BEFORE cocktail parties - I recommend my clients to have a nutritiously dense snack or mini-meal before cocktail events or parties - a hearty salad, well-rounded smoothie, or wholesome soup, usually does the trick. This ensures adequate consumption of vitamins and minerals and helps stabilize blood sugar levels. Showing up starving makes you less inclined to make educated decisions and puts you in less control.

  3. Alternate cocktails and water - Few things are worse than a weekday hangover. Plus, excessive alcohol consumption wreaks havoc on your liver, skin, and hormones, just to name a few. I highly recommend clients to alternate alcoholic beverages with water or better yet, seltzer with lemon. Seltzer with lemon looks like a cocktail and allows you to be inconspicuous. This tactic not only allows you to be discreet in your healthy endeavors but also ensures hydration and slows the rate of your alcohol intake.

Dedicated to getting through the holiday season but have other concerns? Contact danielle@thetrianglesessions.com to help create a holiday survival plan that’s right for you!